W hat is stone kiln? Our oven is a volcanic stone kiln kiln, the average advantage of heating, and because the temperature can be pulled to 400 ~ 600 ° C, so bake about 90 seconds can be baked. 何謂正統的石窯拿坡里式披薩?我們的烤爐是火山石砌出的石窯,有平均受熱的優點,且因為溫度能拉到400~600°C,所以烤約90秒就可出爐。
TASTY SECRET This is similar to the taste of French bread, crispy has a rich chewy, and a touch of wheat and coke incense. Another flour is also very particular about, must be from Italy, special flour, dough to the traditional Italian kneading way 這樣類似法國麵包的口感,香酥中有著豐富嚼勁,並有淡淡的麥香與焦香。另外麵粉也很講究,必須是來自義大利的特殊麵粉,麵皮以義大利傳統揉麵方式