W hat is coffee, wine, mineral water and organic tea from the United States, as well as all kinds of fine brewed beer United Nations. 義大利的咖啡、葡萄酒、礦泉水以及來自美國有機的好茶,還有各式精釀的啤酒聯合國。
DELVERDE NOODLES DELVERDE noodles more use of the Italian Majella National Park in the world its cold (9 degrees C) and soft and pure precious Vide mountain spring water, with organic Duran wheat flour rub out the perfect proportion of the dough, and then use the traditional Brass noodle to suppress the noodles, so that the surface of the noodles will be cracked layers in order to absorb the sauce. DELVERDE麵條更採用了義大利Majella國家公園境內其終年冷冽(9度C)且質軟純淨的珍貴維德山泉水,搭配著有機杜蘭小麥粉揉出完美比例的麵糰後,再利用傳統的黃銅製麵器來壓制麵條,這樣壓出來的麵條表面會有層層裂痕,以便吸附醬汁。