W hat is stone kiln? Our oven is a volcanic stone kiln kiln, the average advantage of heating, and because the temperature can be pulled to 400 ~ 600 ° C, so bake about 90 seconds can be baked. 何謂正統的石窯拿坡里式披薩?我們的烤爐是火山石砌出的石窯,有平均受熱的優點,且因為溫度能拉到400~600°C,所以烤約90秒就可出爐。
ABERDEEN FOOD selected New Zealand 4 to 6 months of the lamb shoulder meat is different from the market common sheep ribs, the requirements of the shoulder fleshy soft so you clap your hands. Calf steak dishes, selected New Zealand 4 to 6 months Mavericks ribs of the site, fresh soft Q meat, not a fraction of excess oil, fresh taste, with a taste of green pepper sauce, called a must ah The 仔羊料理,特選紐西蘭4~6月的小羊肩肉不同於市面上常見的羊肋排,羊肩肉軟嫩的程度讓您拍手叫絕。犢牛排料理,精選紐西蘭4~6月小牛肋排的部位,清爽軟Q的肉質,沒有一分多餘的油脂,口感鮮嫩,搭配著提味的綠胡椒醬汁,堪稱一絕啊。