W hat is stone kiln? Our oven is a volcanic stone kiln kiln, the average advantage of heating, and because the temperature can be pulled to 400 ~ 600 ° C, so bake about 90 seconds can be baked. 何謂正統的石窯拿坡里式披薩?我們的烤爐是火山石砌出的石窯,有平均受熱的優點,且因為溫度能拉到400~600°C,所以烤約90秒就可出爐。
TASTY SECRET This is similar to the taste of French bread, crispy has a rich chewy, and a touch of wheat and coke incense. Another flour is also very particular about, must be from Italy, special flour, dough to the traditional Italian kneading way 這樣類似法國麵包的口感,香酥中有著豐富嚼勁,並有淡淡的麥香與焦香。另外麵粉也很講究,必須是來自義大利的特殊麵粉,麵皮以義大利傳統揉麵方式
P izza is not too neat round, and the center is thin, outer ring thick, Naopo pizza pie, hand-made leather, long time low temperature fermentation and real stone kiln baking, 90 seconds will be baked, in addition to diverse ingredients, also With a variety of Italian cheese, Taiwan is relatively rare, so that pizza than others more special flavor. 披薩沒有太工整的圓形,且中心薄、外圈厚,拿坡里式披薩餅皮,手工製皮,長時間低溫發酵且以真正石窯烤製,90秒就能出爐,除了多樣配料,還搭配多種義大利起司,台灣比較少見,讓披薩比起別人多了特殊風味。
HANDMADE By the skilled master of the whole hand to pull the way (the whole does not use any of the pole equipment) to pull out the shape of Pizza brush on the red tomato sauce, or spread the flavor of the country, sprinkled with ingredients, into the furnace temperature More than 400 degrees kiln roast constantly flip 由技術純熟的師傅全程以手拉製方式(全程不使用任何的桿麵器材)拉出Pizza的形狀刷上鮮紅的茄醬,或鋪上各國風味起士,撒上配料,進爐溫度高逹400度以上窯烤不斷的翻轉
P skin appears a little crisp black spots, like a very leopard color, you can bake, cut the plane cooked on the gras of the Italian grana padano, snow-like creatures fall in the pizza epidermis instant pizza Art as one of the masterpiece, will let you can not help but praise the sound. Pizza表皮出現些許香脆黑點,像極了豹紋的顏色,即可出爐,分切刨上義大利熟成的grana padano起士,雪花般的起士落在Pizza表皮的瞬間融化pizza上這有如藝術般一氣呵成的傑作,會讓你不禁發出讚嘆聲。
RAW MATERIAL We have used a lot of raw materials, such as Gorgonzola, Talani, Padano, Pecorino Romano, Mozzarella, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland imported from the cheese to replace the cream cheese to show the rich and not greasy meals 本店大量使用原塊起士,不管是拱卓雷拉(Gorgonzola)、塔雷吉歐(Taleggio)帕達諾(padano)、沛可利諾(Pecorino Romano)、馬自拉(Mozzarella)等多種從義大利、荷蘭、瑞士進口的起士來取代cream cheese讓呈現出來的餐點濃郁而不膩。